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When you’re choosing your flooring, it is always difficult to figure out the best flooring for your house.

While choosing flooring, we should keep in mind several key factors which are applicable in different situations.

  • Budget: Before looking for options, we should always keep the budget in our mind. A small budget for a large space is not a viable option for floorings like marble or granite. 
  • Location: We should keep in mind what space the flooring is being installed in. Will the flooring be in a wet location, or one that is semi-wet, dry, or high-traffic? And how the selected flooring will hold up in these areas.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance needs are more of a personal preference than a flooring decision. Any type of flooring, even the least durable can be used for decades if properly maintained. But if you don’t normally like to maintain your floor per the manufacturer’s instructions, then you need to reconsider your choice.
  • Look and feel: Most homeowners place this question at the top of their list, but many experts place it at the bottom, below the more pragmatic issues listed above. Oddly enough, the look of your flooring is becoming less critical as the years go by, as flooring manufacturers become more adept at reproducing the look of natural stone or wood in both laminate and resilient flooring versions. But it’s hard to reproduce the warmth of solid hardwood or the solidity of stone.


Kitchen floors have a big job to do: they’ve got to stand up to a lot of foot traffic, shrug off spills and stains. Your kitchen floor, besides being practical and durable, is a major design statement as well. The floor you choose affects every other element of your design and with the variety of materials, colors and textures available today, your choices are nearly endless.

Vinyl, Porcelain tiles, Hardwood and limestone are some of the types flooring that’s usually used in kitchens.

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When choosing bathroom flooring, consider that it involve a lot of water.  Water is so prevalent in bathrooms that it is an expectation, not an anomaly. Water is everywhere, on the walls, ceiling, and the floor. Moisture will quickly ruin the wrong flooring. To make matters even more difficult, you eventually have to pull those other factors into the dialogue. If moisture were the only factor, sheet vinyl or ceramic tile would likely win every time. But these additional factors, like durability, appearance, cost, and ease of installation, need to be considered, as well.

Porcelain or ceramic tiles, vinyl flooring and natural stones are few of the best options for bathroom flooring.

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One of the highest traffic flow, most susceptible areas for wear damage in your home are the hallways, entryways and stairs within your home. Because a definitive traffic pattern exists, you’ll want to choose flooring that’s designed for heavy use, especially if the flooring is accessible to outside entryways. For your main entry, you will also want flooring that makes a dramatic entrance, warm and inviting to all that enter.

Tile, stone, hardwood, and carpets are a few good options for your hallway and stairs flooring

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When it comes to the floor of your bedroom, you have many options and lots of considerations.A bedroom is somewhere to relax and feel comfortable even to the bare feet, but also needs to be attractive, durable and complementary to the bedroom’s decorating style. Many homeowners are choosing wooden or laminate flooring and adding a rug or two in areas that deserve a little extra comfort. Wooden flooring and ceramic tile or stone flooring are amongst the most popular bedroom flooring options


Your living room generally gets a fair amount of use, especially if you have a family or like to invite friends over often. A hard wearing floor such as laminate or solid wood will give the living room a warm and natural feel. Tiles are often used in warmer climates to keep temperatures lower inside the house. Wooden flooring, Inlay design flooring, natural stone flooring like marble or granite and vinyl tile flooring are few of the popular living room flooring.

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